During this Coronavirus, we have all been experiencing more stress than usual and have had many restrictions placed on us. It is challenging to find/see an individual who has been Baker Acted.  There has been limited or no visitation allowed in Baker Act receiving facilties in many parts of Florida.  This presents difficulties for patients’ and interested parties’ ability to provide oversight.

Yet, an attorney who knows Baker Act law can protect rights and can assert those rights.  It is important to provide this oversight when someone is held in a Baker Act receiving faciltiy.  Talmadge Law Firm continues to address these situations and demand the law is followed.  Florida statute 394.459(3)(c) says in pertinent part: (c)  Each facility must permit immediate access to any patient, subject to the patient’s right to deny or withdraw consent at any time, by the patient’s family members, guardian, guardian advocate, representative, ….