How Does The Baker Act Affect Employment?

The Baker Act allows family members to put some other person in custody. If they believe that person might be a threat to themselves and others around them.

Think about having a friend or another individual who is having suicidal thoughts. The act can work to put that person under a hold for nearly 72 hours. As a result, they will have access to care and be safe.

Moreover, it is essential to note that police officers can also temporarily detain you. However, only if they feel you are no longer acting under your control and have reckless behavior.

The Talmadge Law Firm has prepared this guide for your understanding if you know your legal rights: with minimal impact on your career if you have a record of a Baker Act in the past. So schedule a counseling session with a baker act attorney Florida today!

What is the Default Charge Against You?

Let’s say that you have been accused of a crime. A police station might have first booked you. And then, you will receive a transfer to a mental health center.

If you were under the Baker Act and did not break any laws: there is no criminal charge against you. Therefore, it is essential to speak with us today, and we will guide you more on your legal rights. But, if you might wonder, there is no way to remove the Baker Act from your records, especially if there was police involvement.

Should You Inform Your Employer You Were Under The Baker Act?

After a Baker Act, you might require a recovery treatment. However, no law states that you must inform your employer that you were under the act. No employer can legally fire you because of a mental illness.

Addressing the Situation During Work

If you shared the reason for your absence, your employers must keep the matter private. Your co-workers are not required to be informed. You have the right to sue your employer using the law if the employer shares this information with others at work. However, the employer requires a note from the physician. It verifies that you are fit to perform assignments.