Stephen Talmadge (“Steve”)

Dr. Stephen Alfred Talmadge, Jr. was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology in 1989, after which he served as a licensed clinical psychologist in Naval hospitals and clinics during his 20-year career. Early in his career, he served aboard a guided missile frigate. After just 3 years, the Navy sent him to the military medical school where he was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology in 1989. Thereafter, he served on the medical staff of Naval Hospitals in various states and overseas. His first assignment was in a branch medical clinic at a recruit training base where he saw many “suicidal” recruits. Later in his Navy assignments, he was at another medical clinic at a school where he also evaluated many “suicidal” sailors.

In 1997, he became a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, performing evaluations and testifying in military proceedings for all services, worldwide. He was awarded many medals including the Navy Achievement Medal and the Joint Services Commendation Medal. After retirement from the Navy, he fulfilled a long-time goal – he became a lawyer.

Steve retired from the active practice of psychology in 2003. He was previously licensed in three states as a psychologist. Steve is now licensed by the Florida Bar as an attorney. Dr. Talmadge volunteered weekly for 15 years at a general hospital that is not a Baker Act receiving facility. He brings a unique view to helping those who need a lawyer to help others.

Prior to opening his own firm, he was an associate lawyer at a private law firm. Before that, Steve was employed by a public defender, working on Baker Act cases that involved involuntary commitment in psychiatric facilities. Steve was selected as a law clerk at a U. S. Attorney’s office during law school. He also has a private pilot’s license.

Steve published an article about determining permission for psychotropic medication and an article about competence during law school and an article about false confessions during active duty in the Navy. He has been a source of information about the Baker Act for several newspapers.

License, Recommendations,
& Affiliation

Steve is licensed by the Florida Bar as an attorney, is a recommended lawyer of the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights of Florida and, and volunteers weekly at a general hospital that does not have a Baker Act receiving facility. Steve was previously licensed in three states as a psychologist. In 1997 he was awarded Diplomate status (Forensic Psychology).

Steve is published in both psychological and legal journals.

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Why Us?

You need your own experienced Baker Act attorney to help. I am a lawyer familiar with Baker Act laws, rules, and typical procedures. My practice concentrates on working on Baker Act issues. Free self-help is insufficient. Probably, your legal rights guaranteed by Florida and Federal laws weren’t observed.
  • You need a lawyer to explain the process, get transferred, discharged, contact the facility, and to work on your behalf.
  • You want a Baker Act lawyer familiar with Florida laws and rules to complain after discharge.
  • Get correct information about your gun rights and background checks from an experienced Baker Act lawyer.
  • No office visit required.
  • Virtual office makes use of latest electronic technology.  Confidentiality ensured.
  • Flat fee instead of hourly rate
  • Discharge service with regulatory complaints included in fee.