How Do The Involuntary Commitment Laws Work In the Baker Act

The involuntary commitment laws in the Baker Act allow people to receive care in a mental health center. But unfortunately, this is mostly against their will. The Baker Act Pensacola fl works to reduce the intensity of mental disorders.

Involuntary Evaluation in the Baker Act

The people who can determine whether a person should be sent for evaluation include:

  1. The law court can declare an individual ill to meet the criteria for the examination.
  2. A law enforcement officer can take patients into custody. Then, they can deliver the patient to the mental health facility.
  3. A therapist can also release a certificate about patients’ mental illnesses. However, they must do so within 48 hours.

Patient’s Rights

The act highlights patients’ rights: Even when they are subject to involuntary evaluation.

  1. Right to individual dignity: The patient is respected at all times. Including custody and transportation.
  2. Right to treatment: The patient is not denied treatment. It includes even when there is an ability to pay for bills.
  3. Right to quality of treatment: Hospitals must perform treatments according to their needs. Patients receive all treatments safely and humanely.
  4. Right to express consent: The patient and their guardians must express their consent for the treatment.
  5. Right for communication: The patient has the right to communicate with people out of the facility. Moreover, they can also report abuse according to the Baker Act. Visitors can meet the patient.

The court must conclude that the patient has refused the treatments. Other than that, the patient does not understand why the treatment is essential. The patient cannot survive alone or with help from family and friends.

However, more recently, many people questioned. For example, are people with cognitive disabilities misdiagnosed? There is a possibility that the test threatens their safety. The Talmadge Law Firm understands the documentation. We are cautious of law enforcement. Moreover, we can assist customers in getting out of inappropriate involuntary commitments. Schedule a consultation session now!