What is the Baker Act in Florida?

The baker act allows doctors, therapists, and judges to commit a person to mental health hospitals. The time for the examination is 2 hours. This is necessary when a person displays violent and suicidal actions. The baker act provides a mental health evaluation time and de-escalates a crisis.

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All Baker Acted individuals are admitted to a mental health hospital. Then, after 72 hours of filling out the Florida Baker Act form: professionals conduct a psychological examination.

Accordingly, if two mental health professionals confirm that the individual is mentally ill: they are admitted. If not, they are released.

Criteria For Commitment to the Baker Act

The act is voluntary for people who meet the following criteria:

  • People around the patient consider them to be mentally ill.
  • The person refuses to sit for the voluntary mental health evaluation. They deny the importance of conducting this evaluation.
  • The person causes harm to others and themselves.

What Behaviours Indicate a Mental Illness?

You must immediately report individuals to mental health hospitals. In addition, they must indicate any of the following behaviors:

  • Hallucinations: Seeing things or hearing voices that are not there. Consequently, it may cause individuals to harm themselves and others repeatedly.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: People have access to illegal weapons and have a history of self-harm. They are subject to the Baker Act.
  • Depression/Misery: Depression is one form of a mood disorder. Furthermore, some people may not care for themselves. Primary care includes sleep, diet, and personal hygiene.

All in all, professionals evaluate patients after you sign a petition. It is best to consult professionals like the Talmadge Law Firm. We’re here to assist you better in such sensitive matters.