What is the Baker Act For Children?

Parents can use the Florida Baker Act for children with severe mental illness. The act also states the patients’ rights regarding involuntary commitment. There are many instances where people with a mental illness might benefit from the evaluation: but you cannot abuse the process. Contact a baker act attorney for assistance.

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Baker Act and Parental Rights

As a parent, you have the right to control various aspects of your child’s life: which school he must go to and which religion he must follow. And above all, should your child receive medical care? However, you do not have the right to control children, especially when they become independent.

The Baker Act allows parents to give the required medical care to minors, but that does not mean you can put them in involuntary commitment.

You must first apply for your child’s admission into a mental health facility. It is a serious process; you cannot force your child into unjustified psychiatric commitment.

The court may send minors to mental health centers without consent if they may harm themselves or others in the future.

Consent and Treatment of Minors

It is vital to note that minors cannot consent to their involuntary commitment due to age and immaturity. Therefore, only the guardians and parents can approve of this matter.

All children will receive ordinary medical and dental examinations. However, mental health centers should not conduct surgeries and anesthesia without legal consent. Parents can be involved unless their rights have been terminated or are unreachable.

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